Little bro to the rescue!!!

It's one of those days… *notices an instant frown* No, no… it's a GOOD thing now! Really – it IS!!!

As much as I love England I still have days when nothing here seems to quite measure up to the (completely unbiased… ehrm) glorified memories of days spent and lived “back home” in Denmark where half of me still insists I belong. And especially on a bright and windy autumn day like this (I love this time of year back home) I do at times feel it's rubbing it in a bit.

BUT! Thanks to my adorable and brilliant younger brother I now have the perfect cure for days like this. Last time I was home for a visit he presented me with a huge collection of corny old Danish chart songs… most of which I wouldn't normally be caught dead listening to (especially not by my parents, because as kids we used to absolutely ridicule them for listening to it). However, I grew up with these songs, and amongst the literally hundreds of tracks I have yet to find one single one that doesn't spark memories of some happy childhood memory or other. Just typical of him too to not only pick so well but to come up with the idea in the first place!

And on days like this… that's exactly what I need to feel back in touch with it again.

I guess this kind of “outs” me, but who cares…! Corny or not, it's heading straight for the stereo. Good thing G isn't working from home today ….

Memo to me: Sometimes… just let go and enjoy. AND PS, give little bro a big kiss when you see him again!

Thanks, little bro – love you!! *hugs*

*grins and looks around for some 80'ies glasses and a mic*

Little bro to the rescue!!!

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