Stupid o'clock and "sneak-a-peaks"

Okay, it is stupid o'clock in the morning and I can't sleep. I tried to go to bed at 3am and all that happened was G was awake too, and we both decided to get up and just spend some time together in the “heart of the night”, as he called it. It was kind of sweet and romantic in a way… well, it would have been if we weren't so tired and grumpy LOL

Anyway, he deserted me and headed back to bed, and I left to my own device decided to run riot in the blogs section (okay, so maybe it was more like sneaking a peak here and there than a riot per say)… dang, I feel like I'm prying LOL… but I guess people only put there what they wish others to see and respond to. Hmmmm … still working up to actually commenting on what I read but hey… give me, oh… a decade or so, and I'll have figured out something clever to say (yeah, I know – it's a little ambitious, but I'm staying positive *grins*)

*kicks herself* . o O (okay, just five more minutes of coherent thought and then OFF TO BED!)

Seriously, there's been loads of really interesting and helpful stuff in the blogs and comments so far. And I am really enjoying this so far (so is G because now he doesn't have to listen to all my rants all the time … well, not so much… just a little… ehrm.. Anyway, that's entirely besides the point!!)

. o O (I've really got to go to bed)

Okay, okay… I'm going…

Memo to me: No more “sneak-a-peak”, leave this blog alone when you are up at stupid o'clock in the morning… and GO TO BED!!!

Stupid o'clock and "sneak-a-peaks"

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