Retrospect – maybe not…

“Come down to the falls with me
And let the river flow
We’ll sit on banks in sunshine
And watch the willows grow

Find yourself a shady spot
Well-hidden by the reeds
And behold as Time makes trees
Out of tiny little seeds

Stay here as the autumn comes
And marvel at its charm
As life turns to demise
Winter comes with death on its arm

In the frozen days along the riverbank
In the eerie frost and gloom
Life continues to evolve
Preparing seeds to bud and bloom

Then one day you will hear
The trickle of the melting rime
Spring will enter centre-stage
And amend the twist of time

Once more the days grow longer
And the Sun reclaims its reign
Back to where it all began
To do it all again

So join me at the waterfalls
On a bright and sunny day
And watch the river coursing by
Hastily on its way

If you come I’ll show you
What could be a severed end
Come circle full and start again
When in life and death they blend

And stop one moment just to think
That perhaps this very flow
Sometime in the years that passed
May have touched your lips as snow”

Memo to me: Think about it!!

Retrospect – maybe not…

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