A quiet whisper

You came to me in silence
In the heart of night to say
That sometimes there are reasons
Why people cannot stay

Through tears with silver lining
I saw you wave goodbye
I raised my hand to stop you
Then dropped it with a sigh

I stared for days and days
In the hope you might come back
I gazed so long and hard it seemed
I knew every step upon your track

As time passed by and went
And still you never came
My eyes grew weak and tired
But my heart grieved just the same

Till this very day I wonder
Why then you had to go
And why I couldn’t come
That I’ll never know

When the Moon is out I ask Her
To sneak at peek at you
And tell me you’re returning
Though I know it isn’t true

Sometimes when I’m alone
I hear your voice so near
And jumping to my feet in joy
I stupidly think you’re here

What reasons could there be
In this briefest passing by
When it all was just for nothing
What sense could then apply

I suppose it’s up to me now
To move on from this pain
To remember you with fondness
And learn to love you once again

Coz even though you’re gone
I guess it’s just the way
That life had to unfold
And you weren’t meant to stay

I’ve blamed you oh so often
And spoke with anger in my voice
I have yelled at you for leaving
Though it wasn’t just your choice

It’s time for me to heal now
And leave you in the past
But how am I to do that
When the pain it seems so vast

I found comfort in your pictures
And the memories we shared
But more than anywhere
In the knowledge that you cared

The road that lies ahead
Seems awful lonely and forsaken
But I know I have to face it
Though it’s not the one you’ve taken

So one final thing I ask you
Before I let you go
Would you be there to meet me
I simply have to know

On the day when it is time
And life is at its end
Will you share forever with me
And be my friend again..?

A quiet whisper

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