Words of love…

I have waited all my life to hear
what your note told me today
I have cried so many nights
and hidden away through so many days
trying to pretend that it didn't matter
that somehow I knew
and didn't need to hear it

But I always did.
And I always hoped.
And it always hurt
that it was always out of reach

I used to wonder
why I couldn't have it
And I used to lie awake at night
pondering what I could do
to maybe one day
be good enough to make you want to say it

Through everything
the good and the bad
I know it has been between us
And part of me had accepted
that it would have to do
That somehow it had to be enough
After all
I wouldn't want it just to have it

And then today out of the blue
The briefest of notes
the gentlest of songs
brought to me across the distance
A distance not just in miles..
but in years…
in aches and anger
Three little words
released for the first time
And it has me in tears
Thank you…

… I love you too, mom…

Words of love…

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