Walking in the snow

With the new Moon high above on the bright blue sky I took the first long walk of the new year. And somehow I felt encouraged and strengthened in the sense of hope and belief in the future, which I'd experienced walking home in the dawn of New Year's Day.

The hoar frost shimmered on the silver birches and crackled on the surface of the snow as I slowly made my way towards the open fields beyond the fruit plantation. The dog – oblivious as ever to anything, which didn't fit in her mouth or rolled like a ball – strayed between the trees, lost in her own adventures … only stopping occasionally to bark at her own shadow or at the pigeons watching us from the tree tops. Her optimism that they actually had a care for her attempts to scare them off was not only amusing, …it was oplifting and somehow seemed to enhance the feeling that maybe the impossible wasn't so out of reach after all.

As we slowly began to close the circle and headed home the sky took on a faint tint of evening and for no valid reason whatsoever I was filled with satisfaction that today had been a productive day.

I cannot deny that I am enjoying things as they are at the moment…. passing the time as I please, rather than as I am forced or obligated to by the needs of and considerations for others. And probably because I know it will not last… I relish it all the more. Soon everyday life has to encompass constructive goals, productive responsibility and personal achievements again… and that's not a bad thing. But for now, this is enough. For now… I have time to walk in the snow and pretend I am back to the wilderness expeditions I undertook as a kid with my bro in the backyard. I have all the time in the world to be a responsible adult tomorrow….

Walking in the snow

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