Orion's Counsel

I sought Orion's counsel again, and found Him low on the western midnight blue sky. The magenta horizon beneath Him glowed like the blush of dawn, …an illusion of course cast by street lights in the distance.

He held court with the waning full Moon in attendance, and somehow it seemed it stared down at me with a solemn accusing gaze… I was late. My presence had been expected yesterday. I shrugged and knew it… sparing it no further thought before taking my questions to His ear…

I walked in silence for a time, puzzling at the riddles I received in return from my clandestine Delphian stand-in, and decided that sometimes asking for help or advice is just a formality in a process that leads me to follow my own head anyway.

And Orion? He was a comfort… but as usual, no real help. Nothing is ever straight forward with Him. But I guess that is partly why I seek Him. Where else can I go to find answers so cloaked I don't realize that I don't want them until I have both found and applied them and deemed them right? *shakes head* No, sometimes it is better to find the truth of the answer after the solution has been enforced. Otherwise, I may not have the guts to act on it.

Trust Orion to lead my confused thoughts astray for long enough to let me find my way home… *grins softly*

Orion's Counsel

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