The Hawk

I saw a hawk in the garden today. Such birds of prey are not uncommon in the forest across town or in the wooded areas close to the nearby beaches or even in the open fields just beyond the cherrie farm at the end of the street…, but I've never seen any so close to the house here before. And it didn't just glide by in a majestic swoop. No, it gently set down on the parasol stand in the backyard, less than 15 feet from the kitchen window.

It sat there for quite some time, observing the garden and generally looking far more comfortable than I would have thought it would be in an enclosed garden, where the dog roams freely. But the bird seemed to have its own agenda, and was in no hurry to carry it out. And I stood transfixed almost… its enthralled audience. 

Its appearance somehow made a pretty ordinary day seem special in a way. According to The Mahābhārata, hawks are unlucky omens except when they precede a warrior into battle, and it was hard not to reflect upon this when looking at the unusual sight, sitting there in the frosty sunlight so completely unmoved by the rarity of the event,… 

I wanted the moment to last much longer than it did. And though it stayed calmly perched on the pole for longer than I needed to retrieve a camera and -much to my frustration and regret- discover it was dead on batteries, I was not ready to let it go when finally it took to its wings again. I am finding myself hoping against the odds it will return with its message just one more time… then I will be ready for it…. I know it.

Just for reference… for those curious enough… Bird symbolism


The Hawk

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