…is when even the walls refuse to acknowledge existence by bouncing back an echo. It is when the night comes with darkness void of depth… when not even the rattling of leaves and twigs softly beating against the windowpane, or the breathing of one sleeping next to you can be heard.

If a tree falls in the wood and no is around to hear, does it make a sound?? Old philosophy question, I know… but to me it isn't the issue whether it makes a sound or not. What does matter to me though is; does being out of ear shoot free us from having to pay attention to it?  

Silence is the loudest and most penetrating sound of all… Nothing fills the world quite like it. Have you ever noticed how everything in your head grows when you are in a void? Thoughts taking shape and size they were never meant to possess, and emotions drilling deeper by the moment… most often in a direction they were never intended to take.

Silence … when life around is suspended by life within. How long can it last and still be a good thing?


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