Something Beautiful Remains…

There are days when it doesn't seem like it. Days when I am fed up and ready to throw it all away. But really, what am I lashing out at? My own fear of hoping and believing most likely. It is all too easy to point out the cracks in the surface and the flaws in the details. But as hard as it is to accept at times… something beautiful always remains.

Have you noticed?

I hadn't. Or rather, I didn't really think about it. It was unexpected, though I guess it should not have been.

It was the retreat of birds flying over mist-clad forests that reminded me. A shallow look would reveal little of its wonders at this point in time. Yet that takes away none of the beauty found there. It takes away none of its potential.

I find comfort in simplicity at the moment. Comfort in knowing that it is a time of rest. Even in the dullness of a world stripped of colours and softness, the barren land and the naked trees still have an air of quiet enchantment and vibrancy. Crisp and clear but in no hurry to get anywhere quickly. It is the kind of imagery that takes your breath away for a moment. The kind of imagery that leaves you feeling almost intoxicated with joy for no apparent reason.

Peeling away the outer layers built up over time, going through each of them meticulously to re-examine origin and purpose some are discarded. And that not without a certain weary sadness. Or is it perhaps just a sensation of vulnerability that fills me now that I stand exposed to the core before myself? Yes, i think so…

It is good to revise. And good to be reminded of where it all comes from. Beauty in this state is a constant that too easily can be both exaggerated and overlooked. Sometimes even at the same time… It is my new challenge to try not to do either. 

It can be hard at times. It is so easy to forget or lose faith. Much too receptive to the voices of others, and far too critical of the voice within… or isn't it actually the other way round?! It could well be…

No matter how unlikely it seems it all comes down to choice. If we decide that it is so, then something beautiful always remains…

Something Beautiful Remains…

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