The Power of Perception

At times it is as if I turn my head one way and see only what lies in this direction. Nothing else exists beyond, behind or around it. As impossible and illogical as that seems, it can become an absolute to me. I should know better but sometims, I don’t. And when eventually I happen to turn my head the other way and discover another world – not neceesarily better or worse, just different – it seems completely wrong. Out of place. Contradictive. And despite knowing that these two views belong to the same world… despite being aware that both should somehow be compatible or interchangable, as they technically depict the same source… I still struggle at times to make the connection.

The astonishing thing is that even in the relative and pressumably incomplete form that an overview of “the grand scheme of things” is available at any given time… perception has the power to make a single view seem whole and complete. Which actually makes it quite dangerous, as it then not only has the power to make the difference between misery and bliss…. but also has the power to breed prejudice and overbearance.

I often wonder at how much substance and truth can be overlooked, and how long a stumbling walk in blindness can last, when the obstacle is technically lying right there, ready and available to be realized and acknowledged.

But perhaps it isn’t about willingness to take in and learn. Perhaps it is more a matter of… supply and demand. A matter of capacity so to speak… pour in too little and come up short, but pour in too much and it spills over the edge and is temporarily lost. Perhaps perception is a kind of flood gate incorporated into the design, ensuring that no more can be taken in than one is ready to process at any given time. Perhaps perspective in reality changes me just as much as I would like to claim that I change it every now and then.

Or I guess, an even simpler explanation could be that of childlike innocense….the self and the world surrounding it existing only in the magnitude and span that can be comprehended, making it a concept relative to and reflective of the individual, rather than an absolute or a constant…

What struck me today was a pair of eyes. My eyes. Looking back at me from the mirror on the wall; from a world where everything is exactly like here, yet opposite. Those eyes must have seen an awful lot already, far more than what can be consciously remembered. Yet it is also these eyes, which have overlooked and hidden from me so many things in the past. And they will continue to do so now and then, I’m sure. But that’s the whole point isn’t it?? To know that however much is seen, there is always more to be fund.

Perception is a creature of emotion and instinct, irrationally dragging us to places that lie far from our original path and intent. Sometimes it is a detour; other times a handy short cut, created by past experience. But for me most of the time, it is a more or less benevolent road back to myself. You see, once I have gone around in circles for long enough, eventually I realize it and start looking around for a different trail…

Things may very well not always be what they seem, but they tend to always be what I make of them….

The Power of Perception

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