Between the lines…

There is a world at our feet. And one before our eyes. There is one within each and every one of us, and there is one to which we all belong.

Passing from one to another, or back and forth it is hardly noticeable. But it is important that I do notice! Important, not to get stuck in one and forget the others. Or even worse, make them inaccessible to others and myself through unconstructive emotions.

There is a place of memories and musings. Of ghosts kept alive by what they left behind. The quiet whispers, and thoughts spoken in a moment of truth, which may otherwise have been forgotten.

A place where the past becomes a resource for those who seek its contents. And the rest becomes an ever-changing image of its sole inhabitant… in my case, me – for better or worse!

A rather daunting thought, taking into consideration how it is human nature to process and interpret the world around us simply to form a self-assessed opinion about it. For a brief moment, I wonder about what is showing up between the lines here. I wonder at how much of what I see will be recognized. And I wonder at what others see that perhaps I don't.

Having recently seen a perfect example of how the art of communication isn't always as easily mastered, I have to admit to a certain degree of apprehension at what my world may seem like to someone happening by. The only thing I own is the intent with which each word here is formed. I hold no power over perception or value to others than myself. Nor do I really wish to… that is not the purpose of this world…

Different worlds have different views, I know… but there always seems to be a silent storyline. Sometimes deliberate, sometimes not. And those stories are yours and mine to share in whichever way we choose. And for whatever reason. And when we do places like this are created… memories come alive again as others learn of and from it, or their authors revisit them to remind themselves of how they got to where they are today.

There is life between the lines and behind the words – for whatever we allow it to be worth to us…

Between the lines…

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