The Hours Before Dawn….

She sat quietly in the darkness, listening to the wind howling outside. Apparently, it seemed to have something to prove. She huddled up a little more, still trying to wake up. Outside the window the waning Moon obliviously cast its surreal white light down between the clouds as brightly as it had done when she went to bed. She pondered that for a moment and wondered if it usually hung visible in the sky for that long at a time, or whether it was just some kind of special occasion this time…. a thought that brought a wry smile to her lips. She shook her head and drew her eyes away from the world outside. It seemed hostile in its pre-dawn darkness. Or maybe just indifferent. Either way, it was all the same to her right now.

The room lay eerily still. Nothing moved. Not even the flicker of flames in the fireplace. They had long since died down and left only the smoldering embers, too tired and worn to even glow at this point. She pulled the blanket tighter about her and tried to keep her mind from wondering how long it would be till the Sun finally broke the horizon and shed some light and warmth into the world again.

Again, she got up and walked restlessly about, searching all the usual places for the familiarity she so needed. But none gave anything away. It was just her and that big old quiet room. And dawn still seemed an eternity away. She frowned quietly and went back to listening to the wind. It may just have been her mind playing tricks on her but it sounded almost melancholic now. Another frown. She was getting nowhere and she knew it.

…. sometimes it is hard to really hear anything over the silence…

The Hours Before Dawn….

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