The Pack

It never really came. Day-break. The Sun barely able to hoist itself above the horizon immediately fell victim to a thick veil of lead-lined clouds. She felt like giving up. It seemed an endless struggle that she just couldn't win.

The voices hadn't stopped ringing in her ears, though they had died down in the halls long ago. They were relentless, eating away at her, hunting her like a pack of dogs that bluntly refused to give up the chase. She could feel the long fangs shreading the air just behind her, and for a moment that gave urge to press ahead a little more.

The questions that had filled her mind before seemed to have decided to file into procession and lined up to be taken down by sniper-like answers, picking them out one by one. She groaned and shook her head, not wanting to listen. Not wanting to know. Pacing the floor as if movement could somehow help her outrun them. It was futile, of course… and part of her knew it. She didn't have the strength to keep running. It was just a matter of time. A matter of how many hurdles she could jump before tumbling to her knees. Then the pack would be upon her and it would all be over.

A flash of teeth and pale skin being pierced tore through her mind. She felt the heat and didn't know if it were real or in her mind. It washed over her and seemed impossible to contain. How could anything be this painful… and yet so simple. All there was to it was to endure… just endure. Let it hurt. Just give in and get it overwith. So simple…

Trails of red blood and soft flesh stood vivid in her mind. She could hear the agitated snarls as the pack fought for the spoils. It was loud enough to drown out the voices. The only thing loud enough. And all things despite… it was a relief. It was easier. Weaker, but easier. Soon unconsciousness would follow and then… then she would have peace. It would be an illusion of course, but it would be enough. It had to be.

The Pack

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