More Important To Me

Today I went for a walk in the forest nearby. Mostly to just enjoy the beautiful scenary, the wildlife and perhaps make peace with the unusually mild winter. Odd as it may seem, I miss the cold, the snow and the frost.

But I also went to forget for a while. To put behind me all the everyday squabbles over this and that. Verbal quarrels about such things as “definition” and “meaning” and “personal opinions” offered on issues that seem to rise and fall like the tide… sometimes they dry out for a while… and sometimes they drown out everything else. Just a natural rhythm, I suppose. Nothing wrong with that. Still, I sought to remove myself from it.

Every now and then something new appears on the sand after the waves have retracted, sparking interest in those to whom it matters or seems important. And I listen… sometimes.

Sometimes, I even learn something too. Or, hear a comment I haven't heard before, making me think. Or find a reason that had eluded my attention until now. Other times, when I think I have heard it all before, I suppose my attention drifts and I am distracted by something more compelling to me. “Shiny objects” as Hrafnkel calls it *chuckles softly*

There are times here when I feel like I am walking in Hyde Park's Speaker's Corner on a busy Sunday… and as often as I claim my own soap box, I cherish taking a stroll and listen in here and there even more. It can be quite interesting at times. And very rewarding.

But today, I went to the forest instead. I sought a world, which is as real to me as the one I find here, only with a lot less complications. It's so simple, functional.. and harbours the same potential to be as ruthless and potent. It's just the way it is. It can though be overwhelmingly beautiful. A matter of perspective, I guess, which of these descriptions apply – and when. Or maybe they complement and enable one another…. curious thought…

But today the tide can come and go as it pleases. Words can be disputed, discussed and exchanged, just as they have been over and over. And those who need or wish or feel the duty to voice their views are free and welcome to do so. I won't be in the crowd today… but many others will, I'm sure. Each for his or her own reasons… and I — absent – for mine….

Today, I don't want to know what my life is according to a dictionary, to history, to morals and spirituality. I don't want to know what it is in the eyes of people who know what they are talking about, because they live it their own way anyway, just as I do…

Today, there are more important things to preoccupy my mind with than political, grammatical and even moral correctness. There are more valid voices to listen to than those speaking for and against the choices we all make.

Today, there is warmth in winter, trees barren yet with budding leaves months too early… as if spring were just around the corner. There's a cloudy sky with birds hung lazily somewhere between it and earth. It all seems so full of unspoken expectation somehow. Like everything is just there… waiting… breath held in anticipation …. and it seems significant to me to notice that today.

I am sure, when I decide to return to the world of soap boxes, justity and good intentions, they will all still be there. They serve a purpose, one that despite all our different views, needs, opinions and desires still seem to bring us together to share.

And today, THAT is MOST important to me.

More Important To Me

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