It's the little things

There are some things in life that are just so big and overwhelming that they knock us off course the second we come into contact with them. Things that inevitably, no matter how much we struggle to keep up and keep standing, are going to cause a fall. Things that just cannot be avoided or negotated, regardless of effort and intent…. such is life, after all.

And in a sense, that is good. This is how experience and knowledge is compiled. Bang your head against a wall enough times and soon you will learn to walk around it instead of attempting to go straight through it. That's all part of learning and growing as a person.

But then there are the little things. The petty issues and everyday life upsets that start out so innocently small and insignificant. The details that seem redundant when looking at the bigger picture. So easily avoided and cleared out of the way without any delay or damage done to anyone.

But oh no!! That would be too easy wouldn't it!? Why challenge ourselves with climbing mountains when we can stumble over molehills without even trying!? *wry smile* At times one could even be forgiven for thinking some actually go LOOKING for it…

I just don't get how it can ever be worth the amount of effort, anger and aggravation to make such a big deal of it (but since I at times seem an equally willing participant, I guess I should be the last to talk…)

A slight misunderstanding. Different goals and opinions about methodology. A badly worded comment. A gesture taken the wrong way. That is all it takes for all Hell to break loose.

Pride and “I-know-best” become sole Ruler of the world, and everything… common curtesy… friendship … even love… become the sacrifices placed on the alter. How can it ever be worth it?? What possible benefit places this at such high demand? I keep asking myself if there is really a benefit at all or if it is just the blessing of the placebo effect that's attractive? I don't have an answer, but I SHOULD…

So willingly judgement is cast, and arrogantly the blind eye is turned on how the flawlessness and perfection demanded of others is painstakingly absent in ourselves… all for the same petty little thing; Being right! When did that become such a prize??

“At the end of the day, have we faced only ourselves? Have we fought demons within or actual enemies afar? Do any of us really know??? At the end of the day, we are all the same. Warriors or victims to one another. One person’s shiny weapon is another’s doom and destiny. Lay down the fears before that is all anyone knows. At the end of the day… It IS always a choice….”

No one handles everything in life well. No one has all the answers. But it is in how we handle the little things -those that can either be “just there” or “make or break”- that our true character becomes apparent.

Think about it…. I know I am. I should be.

It's the little things

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