Every storm yields promise of a time with fairer weather. A time when the sun comes back out and makes the a little less daunting to look around and take stock of what's passed. And sometimes it is better to hold out for that time… that reprieve… before taking down the shudders and going back outside.

That said, destruction is a natural thing. It is necessary for new things to grow. It clears the way and gives space for that, which has not yet been able to take hold. I do not believe I was ever meant to stay the same, nor that I was meant to go through life unaware of the forces that move me. Life and living is friction, and though it may be unpleasant and frustrating at times it also lets me know I'm alive. Lets me know I have my own path and direction and am not just swept away like debris in the currents.

It isn't the storm or the destruction that should be feared, but rather what is done with what is left when it is over and the sun shines again.

“No one would ever have crossed an ocean if he could have gotten off the ship in a storm”
~ unknown

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