Looking for an out…

Apparently, that is what I am doing. That and a whole lot more not suitable to mention here. I've been playing a game with Someone else's feelings for so long and now I've decided it's no fun anymore. I want out. Apparently.

My real crime? I got a reality check I wasn't prepared for and couldn't handle on my own. I sought help and reassurance. Stability. Somewhere safe to run around like a headless chicken until I could get my bearings again. Apparently, I wasn't supposed to get spooked by that, since I already knew better. I should. Because I had been told so. I don't get to feel like this… I DO get to be afraid of monsters in the closets and boogie men, though. That's still okay. Phew, … don't know what I would have done without the permission for THAT!!!

If I was shell shocked and ready to implode before… but then who gives a rat's ass? It's all just a game I play, right?

…. I'll be with the monsters in the closet. At least they believe in me as much as I do them….

Looking for an out…

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