Slovenia – here I come

I have always wondered what 20 hours on a bus would feel like. Come Saturday morning… I will know. And come Sunday night I'll be sick of it I'm sure.

I have been way too wrapped up in goals, duties and deadlines lately. I have been getting lost in that instead of living in the moment. It is something I used to be so good at… and it is long overdue that I do something to reconnect with that part of me.

So, when the opportunity presented itself, I discussed it with Hrafnkel and decided to seize it. Which means that Friday I will be getting on a bus to go across Europe, heading for Ljubljana in Slovenia. It's a perk from the club I volunteer at. They have a big game there this weekend and have invited all the volunteers to come along for free if they wish.

It will consume the entire weekend from Friday afternoon till Sunday evening… and yet we will have a mere 10 hours in Ljubljana…. most of which I'm sure will be focused on the game itself. Still, I already feel the “traveller” stirring inside me. The chance to get away… to change pace and scenario… to be on the road again… a new adventure… a new world to experience. A chance to roam again. I have missed it, and feel freer already for having it within reach.

……Slovenia, here I come!!

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Slovenia – here I come

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