Something about travelling

It's amazing what insight suddenly comes into view when one is sleep-deprived and growling with discomfort on a bus seat.

It struck me in the middle of the night as I peered out the window at German Autobahns, and for all the sense it made I am surprised I hadn't seen it before.

Whatever travels I have undertaken in my life, it has been all about where I was going. It never bothered me to fly coach, or to have day-long lay-overs in obscure airports. It almost added to the thrill if I had to get up at stupid o'clock to catch a plane or drive somewhere. And where many others find it drab and even unpleasant to travel alone, it was always a real treat for me. Wherever I was going was always well worth the long waits and troubles to get there. And I guess because I always saw it that way… I never felt troubled or inconvenienced. It was just a natural part of it. A part that made it all the more special and memorable to me.

This recent trip was no different. I will willingly admit right now that 20 hours on a bus is no fun at all when trying to get some sleep. But it didn't seem to matter. I don't mind “roughing it”. And I did find sleep… and when I woke up it was to the sight of bright new snow falling over Austrian mountains at day break (cue: Maria von Trapp and “The Hills Are Alive” *grins*) No, seriously, I am not sure I could find words to express just how surreal and beautiful it seemed to me that morning.

Travelling is one of the most precious experiences in life, to me. Prolonging the journey from A to B isn't a bad thing in my book. Whether alone, with company or in a random crowd it's an opportunity to do and see more along the way. Even the commute to and from school daily is like that for me. An opportunity. And being quite content with that, I tend to pay less attention to what is necessary and what is unnecessary discomfort. And there IS a difference between cramming extra stuff in just because it is possible, and savouring the journey for what it is and what it offers. Less is more at times… and perhaps I have become too uncompromising. Perhaps, it would do me well to slow down a bit and just enjoy the scenary… enjoy the precious moments spent in places I may never revisit… enjoy times that come and go without trying to hold onto or move them along faster.

As it turned out this blog has very little to do with the trip to Slovenia. But it has everything to do with something I discovered going there. And everything to do with coming home.

Something about travelling

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