Committing hubris..

Okay, it’s official. I’m getting old. The days when a full on soccer match led to nothing worse than sweaty laundry and a little tiredness in the muscles the following day are over. I played all of 7 minutes today. Seven minutes where I hardly touched the ball because we weren’t on the attack. Then an unforced tumble and a lengthy visit to the local ER and VOILA!!!

I’m on cruthes with my leg strapped into a completely rigid brace, reaching from lower calf to the top of the thigh. I know I say I like bondage,… but this just SUCKS… then again, that’s what I get for going around teasing Hrafnkel about His zimmer frame… I guess this’ll teach me…

*limps off to grumble a bit*

. o O (just wait until I get my hands on the person who said exercise is good for you)

Committing hubris..

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