Something worth doing…

… is worth doing right. And something worth doing right is worth doing well. That's what I'be been taught, and so that's what I stick to!!

With that in mind, I was at the hospital today for a check up – hoping to get rid of brace and crutches. Instead, I'm now going to have surgery tomorrow. Minor surgery, which hopefully will see me back home the same day, but still.

Apparently, being hurt and incapacitated wasn't good enough for me. No no no, I had to go and get a REAL full-blown injury. Might as well do it properly, right?? If it's worth doing….

So, by this time tomorrow I will – if all goes according to plan – either have one very patched up knee, or be one meniscus lighter … I need to stop listening to what I'm told and just slack off more. Maybe I'd get off with a bit of road rash or something…

Something worth doing…

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