Pushing string….

I've been doing a lot of running around lately. My excuse is that I have had to. But then, life is like that, isn't it? And so I guess, it isn't really an excuse at all…

I am as such content with my priorities and choices. They are good and solid and of all the options I've had they are the most likely to yield longterm benefits. Yet still, I am discontent. Why? Because once again I have been choosing one thing at the expense of another. Onec again, I have not managed to find balance. And so I run around, doing my headless chicken impersonation. 

Fact remains, I am a very fortunate and blessed individual. I have love and support and familiarity. I have challenge, encouragement and enough demands on me to force me to choose between striving or giving up. I have independance and recognition amongst my peers. I have understanding and compassion amongst those who care for me. 

There is no need for me to complicate it like this. No need to run around and get all tangled up in the process. This whole pushing string business is way too draining and inefficient for me. Maybe it's time to take a sword to the proverbial Gordian Knot… you know, fix it once and for all. 

If only I can then resist the urge to go tie it all up again afterwards… 

Pushing string….

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