Musical Chairs

Have you ever played “musical chairs”? I used to hate that game when I was a kid. I used to be terrified of being the one eliminated first. The stigma of being singled out and excluded from the collective, I suppose. It's weird really, as it hasn't ever really bothered me since in any other aspect of life. I guess you could say I found my own chair and started dragging it around with me, so I'd always have one… 

There's another term for that. Playing it safe. And I don't like that. Not that there is anything wrong with seeking security or with resting in oneself. Not at all. But when it becomes at the expense of daring to stand alone… without a personal pre-reserved chair to slump back on… then it's an inhibition, not an empowerment. 

Tonight is election night. The adult equivalent of “musical chairs”, funnily enough. When the music stops playing someone will be left out while others go on with the game. Yet I can't help wondering if that isn't totally missing the point.

Does it really require a chair – the right kind of chair – to be part of something?

Let's get rid of the chairs … and let the music play uninterupted… and focus on what really matters. You and me and everyone around us. 

*extends hand* … c'mon in! Join us… pull up a chair, why don't you…? 

*grins in a quietly knowing dark smile kind of way*

Musical Chairs

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