Thank you for the flowers…

As potent and invigorating as love is, it can be all too easy to overlook amongst everything else. When things are good we wallow in it and reap the benefits with hearts full of careless laughter and delight, and everything seems so accessible and manageable. When times are tough we dig down and get on with it any which way we can and need to. And when everything is simply “normal” we give and take and share whatever comes to the surface, knowing it encompasses only a part of what truly binds us closer together. And we do all this even without entirely being aware of it.


However one may feel about any such situations and the emotions that accompany them, it still seems to me that everyone has that experience of only realizing the importance of something when something threatens to compromise or risk it…. and it made me wonder… how often do we overlook the ones we love because we are so used to them, so used to counting on them… so used to them being there, supporting us… that we don’t take the time to tell them that their presence makes a world of difference.


Hraf hates the song “You don’t bring me flowers”, and going strictly by the lyrics I can se why. But when I listened to it this morning on my way to work, it made me think of how empty my world would feel without all those little things he does every single day – without fail – to make me feel cherished and loved and important.


No amount of “I love you´s” could ever replace his attentiveness to the tone in my voice when I come in from work and greet him. No amount of hugs or kisses could ever make me feel as safe and secure of his presence as the little notes he leaves for me to find when I get up in morning, telling me of heated debates he's had with friends or silly stories of stuffed animals and pez…


I doubt that he realizes just how much he actually does for me, and much worse, sometimes I doubt that I realize it. And that’s a horrible thought… because it feels like I might be taking him for granted. In some weird way he’s once managed to explain to me that he almost perceives that the ultimate compliment to his care for me… but I don’t wish for it to be like that. I don’t want to overlook it or be so caught up in everyday life that I don’t take the time to remember to stop and smile at him… the time to show and tell him in words and deeds just how incredibly grateful I am for his love and presence. And to give it back… “the way love looks to him”. Every day. Without fail.


Even if you do not like the source of inspiration for this particular blog… thank you for always bringing me flowers, my love…*smiles quietly*



 You don't bring me flowers

You don't bring me flowers
You don't sing me love songs
You hardly talk to me anymore
When you come through the door
At the end of the day
I remember when
You couldn't wait to love me
Used to hate to leave me
Now after lovin' me late at night
When it's good for you
And you're feeling alright
Well you just roll over
And you turn out the light
And you don't bring me flowers anymore
It used to be so natural
To talk about forever
But 'used to be's' don't count anymore
They just lay on the floor
'Til we sweep them away
And baby, I remember
All the things you taught me
I learned how to laugh
And I learned how to cry
Well I learned how to love
Even learned how to lie
You'd think I could learn
How to tell you goodbye
'Cause you don't bring me flowers anymore

Thank you for the flowers…

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