Stolen glances

I thought little of it when I saw them moving through the forest from opposite directions, each following their own path to seemingly unrelated targets. It was a beautiful sunny day, not quite on the brink of early spring, and the remote whisper of waves washing up on the windswept beach just beyond the edge of the trees would attract an ever increasing audience as the day grew warmer, she had no doubt. So, it made perfect sense that someone else would be there.

It wasn't until later when I noticed the young woman suddenly make a turn to intercept the man that something seemed to alter what had seemed such an ordinary day. Though both had only just arrived they now headed back to the parking lot, this time walking hand in hand. The rendez vous was apparently a little more planned than it would have appeared at first…

I sat on the hood of the car, just enjoying the sunshine for a time. And while I did, the young woman climbed into the passenger seat of a van she most definitely didn't arrive in. The man joined her shortly after. For a while they merely sat and talked, interrupted only a few times by tender kisses. It all looked innocent enough, yet the stolen glances told a different story.

I couldn't help but contemplate that. Sometimes everyday life is so busy and demanding…. and it is so easy to be swept away with it. Making the choice to take time out, to sneak off and enjoy the day though it hadn't really begun yet and the forest though it hadn't really come alive yet, seemed almost like insisting on living while life all around is still stagnant and waiting… whatever the reason or the relation… I found myself admiring that.


Stolen glances

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