She answered the phone…


The call was expected.

So she got the keys and headed off. 

As agreed upon.

But something was wrong. 

Very wrong.

It wasn’t what it first appeared to be. 

She stumbled into it unknowingly.

Tried to deal. 

Tried to assess.

Tried to be responsible.  

But he didn’t hear.

Towered over her. 

Barked at her.
Told her to leave NOW.

Or he’d get out of the car.

They had to go.

She knew that much.

But his words kept hitting her in the face.

And she wondered

When she’d agreed to take this on too.

Wondered why it was okay

To threaten and attack her

For trying to help.

Don’t talk to drunks.

They cannot hear.

She learned that the hard way that night.

But she understood.

Fear and surprise make us do stupid things.

So she tried to help.

Tried to find the keys for the door.

Tried to find the lights so they could get in safely.

And they did.

Then slammed the door
in her face.

Without a word.

Or even a look.

But at least that was better

Than the vile she’d seen thrown at her

From the glances caught in the rear view mirror

While driving home.

She just stood there.



In the dark driveway.

Trying to understand what just happened.

Trying not to cry.

She heard his words

All over again

In her mind.

And saw the contempt in his eyes.

Felt him ready to strike.

Replaying it in her thoughts.

As she got back in the car

And drove off.

Trying to pretend

It never happened…



She answered the phone…

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