First heist of the season

“Buckets of black and maroon are everywhere. The dark table cloth is covered in piles of red, green and yellows. The floor too – in neatly arranged heaps, tucked away to the sides so that no one steps on them. The glass front is perfect for letting in natural light, so it’s tolerated, even if the warmth from the oddly insistant October Sun is making the temperature in the conservatory rise to unusual heights for this time of year. The lighthearted chatter is broken every so often by huffs of exertion and the occasional “ouch!” or “where did my pliers go?”……???”

Until that last bit it could have been a pretty story. But really it isn’t. Messy and fun, but not that pretty – at least not the process itself… but the result? Well, I’ll let others be the judge of that.

You see, every year around this time all the women of my family gather at my grandma’s to make autumn wreaths. We’re very DIY like that. We do our own Christmas decorations etc. like that too, but that’s another story.

The day starts out with an excursion around town and various public sort-of-out-of-the-way-enough-so-that-no one-will-mind-if-we-prune-the-bushes-a-bit-places ending with a walk somewhere in the forest, during which we basically snatch anything and everything that looks like it might go well in a decoration and isn’t nailed down.

Home again – at my grandma’s – with the loot we have lunch and then gather around the work table. It usually takes about 20 minutes to arrange all the different kinds of berries and leaves and pine cones and twigs and so on in neat easily accessible piles … and it takes about 4 minutes for the eight of us to completely obliterate anything that remotely resembles order…. which is normally when the huffing begins and the tools magically start disappearing and reappearing in places we KNOW we didn’t put them…

At the end of it all we each come away with an assortment of decorations and/or wreaths, like this one…

Autumn Wreath
Autumn Wreath

I’m such a sucker for tradition… Can’t wait for Christmas to come around so we can do more. And bake cookies and make Christmas treats!!

First heist of the season

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