The Return of Iago

After spending the entire summer at the beach Iago now for the first time finds himself at home. How pleasant a sight it may have been I can’t say, because he didn’t get to enjoy it for long. The chilling wind and the threat of the trickling rain turning into a real downpour spurred on a wish to finish up and get back inside as quickly as possible and we made double time, getting out the tarps and ropes. All that remained was a good clean with the broom and a wipe-down with the rags before, pulling the plastic cover tight and duct-taping it in place. Perhaps not quite the welcome home he’d expected…

Now before you start to worry… Iago is my tubby red kayak. And he is now safely tucked away in the shed where he’ll spend the winter emulating a mummy. All wrapped up like that he kind of looks like a big green Pharaoh’s sarcophagus with the ropes holding the tarp snugly around him.

I guess I should have named him Ramses or King Tut or something, but Iago seems more fitting. Actually, it’s perfect. And as long as he’s not passed over for promotion, I figure he won’t plot against me.

The Return of Iago

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