Little bits of life

“This morning when I left for work I noticed that part of my lovely green garden fence has been blown down by the stormy weather…”

“Tonight we’re having goulash for dinner. I’m hoping she’ll stay overnight and if the weather is nice, maybe we’ll have a picnic…”

“Just got home from a quiet night at work. Am one of those fortunate few who have a job I really genuinely love….”

“Here I am again, sitting down to record more data of what’s going on in my life as it unfolds…”

The above is a collection of random exerts from random blogs, written this morning by random people whom I know absolutely nothing about. Perhaps, when I first came by them I had intended to actually read these – and other similar – entries but suddenly it seemed that the teasers had something to say all on their own. Beyond the intentions and thoughts expressed in the respective blogs.

It struck me that in the scattered extracts, even unfinished and taken out of context like this, a perfect impression of this day lay waiting. Inconveniences and blessings. Hopes and frustrations. Banalities and those precious uplifting moments we intend to remember forever.

Somewhere out there someone had taken the time to start their day by speaking of the things that were most on their minds in that very moment in each their own way and words. Seeing how different they were reminded me of how someone used to always tell me that each mind is an island onto itself, and each heart either a bridge or a barrier. Their voices seemed so small there, next to today’s first batch of news about credit crunches, crime waves, rising unemployment and presidential elections. And yet in a way, it is immensely life-affirming for me to see that despite of everything… despite the crisis and uncertainty we’re all facing in one way or another… there’s still time and energy … and heart enough to spend a few minutes in the morning writing about fences and goulash. Still time to hope and be thankful for things too many of us probably take for granted too often.

It’s a beautiful morning…

Little bits of life

2 thoughts on “Little bits of life

  1. scatteredrayn says:

    THANK YOU!!! As for me, I saw a rainbow yesterday and tried to take a picture of it, but it was gone before I could get the shot. Thinking about it still made me smile today though…

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