There's never…

… a step so long it cannot take you home.

For as much as I have tried, I want to say more. Elaborate. Clarify. Extrapolate even. But the simple truth is, there is no need. Those twelve initial words said it all.

Miles don’t scare me. They aren’t distance… not really. They’re just… space. A space, which like time, is proportional in size to the significance of what it contains.

I once flew over Kansas and felt like it stretched on forever, because I wanted to be somewhere else. Yet when I spent four times as long crossing the Atlantic, it seemed time passed all too quickly, because I didn’t wish to go.

So, no… miles don’t scare me. I can deal with those.

The only thing that does scare me is REAL distance. The kind that appears out of nowhere and stands between lovers and the hug they need to reconnect.  The kind that comes between friends and silently robs them of the awareness that they’re drifting apart. The kind of distance which inflates with fear until it is so vast it is impossible not to get lost in it. And the bad thing about being lost without miles is that you have no concept of how far you still have to go until you’re home.

That’s when it’s handy to remember…. there’s no step too long to take you home. Whatever happens, wherever we go… we’re never more than a single step away from where we’re trying to go. Which probably means we’re going to get there after all…

Isn’t that a comfort… 🙂

There's never…

One thought on “There's never…

  1. Whirlwind of emotions says:

    Comforting indeed. Makes me want to take that leap a lot quicker so the step home seems not so far away! (if that makes any sense) And there is comfort in knowing that we will get there after all, one step or a hundred.

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