Thank You, America!

From 4000 miles away I saw it in their eyes. It was the very first thing that hit me when I rolled out of bed and turned on the TV this morning. The night before, years of excitement, frustration and debate was teeming on the edge of suspense. It had seemed so close, and so much a mere matter of time until it would happen. And yet, most were afraid to say it. Some even to think it, in fear the desperate hopes would be dashed inches from the finishing line.

From 4000 miles away I heard their silence, there in Grant Park as he spoke to them. And I felt I could read their faces as if they were a sea of open books. They all said the same. They all spoke of what had passed during the night while much of the outside world had been sleeping. They’d done it. Done what so many have hoped and prayed for for so long. Even before anyone really knew what exactly to hope for or where to direct it, that quiet hope, and now at last it has been given voice. It can no longer be suppressed or ignored.

From 4000 miles away I feel my own world changing, even as I begin to get caught up with the latest reports and polls and speeches. One thing that stands out already though … perhaps for the first time ever I find myself believing in something a politician has said on Election Night.

Thank You, America – for your courage and willingness. And congratulations!

Thank You, America!

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