Red Flag! Red Flag!

It has been said of me more than a few times that I am pragmatic and logical enough to be part Vulcan. Usually, I take that as a great compliment and even pride myself on it. Okay, not so much the Vulcan part as the whole being pragmatic. The word just has an undeserved bad rep… *grins*

However, too much of a good thing can soon turn into a bad thing, so to level out this … practicality streak in me, I fortunately seem to possess  an indistinguishable amount of handy quirks that tend to pop up and mess with this whole pretence at being focused and sensible.

And one of those quirks kept me up all night last night.

Personally, I blame the Steelers who couldn’t just shut the game down after the first half. Fifteen minutes of dream ball is all well and good but seriously… the Cardinals have totally shown themselves not to fall so easily. And of course they had to go and make it REALLY interesting when I thought it was just about safe to go to sleep. Never was that much of a “Boss” fan anyway… *yawn*

In the end I stayed up to watch the whole thing. And when I finally did turn out the lights I was just way too excited to sleep. That game was everything I love about the NFL, and all the reasons why I started following it in the first place. It was historic and great in the way only something as dumb and insignificant as sports can be – all things taken into consideration.

To anyone who missed it… I PITY YOU!!!!

It was … in the words of the Visa commercials… PRICELESS!

Now, I only have one complaint about this whole thing…. who the hell decided that it was a good idea to finish the season with the Superbowl, have two teams play like the Steelers and the Cardinals did… and then tell me that they’re not coming back till September!!?!?!?

*POUT* … that’s just not right!

… and yes, I know… I know… there’s the Pro-Bowl next week… but it is SO not the same…

I vote we skip the off-season vacation and just go straight to the new season! Go on… GO! I’m ready!

Red Flag! Red Flag!

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