She drove…

… until she found the stars, and then sought Orion in their midst. He’d been waiting for her, as so often before. For a while they just sat and talked. About anything and everything that came to mind. About the weight of the world and about taking the first step and the last step. And about all the steps that come in between. And most importantly, about the sound of snow falling.

The ground was still clad in scattered white and what darkness remained seemed friendlier and less daunting now. And for a while Time appeared content to slow down and stand back to be viewed in perspective, rather than clinging to the spotlight on centre stage.

Sitting there on the edge of the cliff with the watery abyss below and millions of lights reaching down from above it was easy to believe they were alone in the world. Not a trace illuded to the contrary. In places like that talking is easy. So is listening.

Words grew obsolete. All they needed was the sound of snow falling.

She drove…

2 thoughts on “She drove…

  1. You know, I wrote this piece ages ago and I’d completely forgotten about it until your comment came in. Now I have reread it, and that with your words and their perspective in mind, and I am re-experiencing the words all over myself again. I think in a completely new way. I think it’s time for me to take another drive under the stars and listen to the snow 🙂

    Thank you for “listening”…

  2. I really like the element of stillness and silence that this piece evokes. It reminded me of sitting by myself and watching the night sky – there’s something very soft and stilling about it (both the experience itself and the words you have here). I like the way that you used/repeated the line “the sound of falling snow” because it causes the reader to pause briefly and recall what that sound is – which then expands in one’s thoughts.

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