Where is roam?

I’ve had quite a few curious enquiries about the meaning of the title of my blog, so I thought I’d take a moment to answer it here. It hadn’t really occurred to me to explain it… I guess firstly because – narrowmindedly – it makes perfect sense to me, so the thought that it might not to others didn’t really register until the questions started coming in. And secondly, I really don’t like explaining or showcasing myself deliberately like this. Nonetheless, I do very much appreciate the questions and enquiries and want to do my best to answer them.

Let me start by saying… no, it isn’t a typo or a spelling error. At least not an involuntary one. In fact it is very much a deliberate choice.

Even with English not being my first language I do know the difference between the capital of Italy, the epicentre of the empire responsible to a vast degree for the political, cultural and practical development of most of Europe, and the verb “to roam” *chuckles*

So, yes… I do know that “Roam” isn’t an actual place…which brings me to the next question I am posed: What roads exactly lead there?

Setting aside the play on words and obvious reference to the old idiom, it was actually a phrase coined by a man I once loved. One of the things he said he loved the most about me was apparently my “inquisitive nature and my urge to explore and poke at things to figure out what they are and what they do”. Again, his words. They have stayed with me though.

In my own words, I call that… roaming. I always kind of picture it as wandering through any given terrain without necessarily having a set goal or predestined purpose, just taking in the sights and impressions as I go.

That is what this blog is about for me. It lets me roam my thoughts, my feelings, my experiences… sometimes merely logging them for future reference, other times getting more involved in the active process of distillation. I find that immensely rewarding and soothing. A source of inspiration and reprieve and clarity. Everyday life, however, does not always allow for time, energy and willingness to ponder. Sometimes, just getting through the day is enough. And so, in order not to completely detach and forget what roaming means to me… does for and gives to me… I keep the title as a reminder.

A reminder that whatever I am doing, there is something worth being curious and inquisitive about. Something that makes pulling out of the fast lane for to sit and ponder for a while more than worthwhile. Call it grounding, if you wish.

I guess what I am seeking to remind myself of is that I always have a choice. A choice to stop and think, to marvel and take in and enjoy – or to rush by and find something else. I always have the choice to sit still and find another perspective, something to learn or appreciate even if it doesn’t seem obvious or possible.

The road – in essence – is never closed. Never a detour. Never a dead end. It leads me to roam… or wherever else I am going. It’s my choice. Always.

I hope that answers the questions *smiles quietly*

Where is roam?

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