A’treasure huntin’ we go…

Geocaching - high tech treasure hunting

I’m a tomboy. Always have been. I was the kind of kid who snuck into my dad’s garden shed and “borrowed” his small axe and tools and used them to built secret hide outs in trees. I crafted my own bows and arrows and made knives out of flints, and together with my childhood “gang” of friends from the neighbourhood we dug a burrow into the slope beneath our “club house” tree big enough to hold the six of us entirely underground. At first it freaked my parents out. What if it collapsed on us? But when my dad checked out how we’d supported the tunnel and roof against cave-ins and made air vents and structural supports he was very impressed and happily allowed us to keep playing there.

That was the kind of kid I was. The kind that always had some new idea to try out… some new fantasy world to explore and conquer… some new adventure to undertake. And I pride myself on not having entirely forgotten that even now as an adult. Still, there is nothing like going back… so, for four hours today, I did – I went treasure hunting… the high tech way. Geocaching.

I picked up my friend and we drove the 25 minutes out to the first location he’d chosen, got out the gps, the dog and the water bottles and set off. Four hours later I had mud caked on my shoes, mosquito bites on my neck, my hands were itchy from stingy nettles and I was sweating like … well, let’s just say it wasn’t pretty. But it WAS fun! We found four caches, forfeited two because there were too many “muggles” around (and yes, I know that is a Harry Potter term, but it also the globally recognised geocaching word for people who haven’t a clue why you’re running around in ditches, searching through hedges and generally looking like you’re ready to do the “before” shot for a detergent commercial – you have to be sneaky and wait till no one is around to find the cache so that the site won’t be revealed or vandalised) and gave up on one because no dogs were allowed in that area. That’s the official reason, anyway. The real reason is probably more likely that we were totally exhausted, giggling like school kids and hungry enough to eat at horse. We didn’t though – but we did go to WATCH some horses – beautiful Friesians – perform at the local Animal Day event on the way home.

It really did feel just like those long endless summer days when I was a kid… only now I am old enough to drive, so it’s way more cool!! 🙂

A’treasure huntin’ we go…

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