There is always…

… a bit of truth behind “just kidding”
… a little emotion behind “I don’t care”
… a tinge of pain behind “it’s okay, really”
… a bit of “I need you” behind “leave me alone!”
… and a whole bunch of words behind “the silence”.
There is always…

11 thoughts on “There is always…

    1. Scattered Rayn says:

      *smiles quietly and nods* Things like that kind of tend to hit me right when I am in the middle of something and I never get around to “holding onto” them for long enough to really remember .. so this time I thought I’d try writing it down and sticking it on my blog, and I think it’s helped me keep that… “impression” tangible. Which is a good thing! At least I think it is 🙂

      The pic is a composite of at least 5 or 6 other pics that I have Photoshopped and blended the heck out of … hehe. It was something I made a while back and have really liked it, but I think a change may be coming soon. I kind of feel like… I don’t know… feel “different” somehow, and want to transpose that onto my blog as well.

  1. The subtle (and sometimes not-so-subtle) tensions which hide out behind phrases. I loved feeling the resonating truth in these. The only one that made me pause and ponder was the last one. I just emerged from 40 minutes of deep meditation/silence. During a lot of the silence there was a heck of a lot of thoughts. But there were also long stretches of pure no-thingness. Pure silence. I think it’s possible; it’s just not always likely.

  2. Whirlwind of emotions says:

    Hahahaha!! I walked right into that one didn’t I?? I am trying, inspiration is lacking! 😦

  3. Whirlwind of emotions says:

    Aah, very aptly put.

    There is no reason for you to fear my words, it’s my silence that should scare the hell out of you! 😛

    1. Scattered Rayn says:

      I caught myself “red-handed”, too … *smiles quietly* … and there was more than enough food for thought in that to post it here. I’m actually surprised just how relieved and grateful I am to find that others feel that way too…

      Thank you!

    1. Scattered Rayn says:

      Thank you… *chuckles* I haven’t written poetry in years. Not sure I’d even know how. Once something I’ve wanted to express is out… I tend to never go back. Perhaps I should? hmmm… *heads off to google “Vox Poetica” to find out exactly what that is*

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