Sweet silence

I like the silence. I like how it’s suddenly just there adding space. Between events. Between people.

Breathing space.

Sometimes life feels like a dodge ‘em ride to me, completely void of plan and purpose save for bumping heads and tails anywhere with anyone. Sometimes in jest, and sometimes by accident or in fierce competition or territorial disputes. Kind of takes the fun out of it that way… but it keeps us alive. Keeps us rolling along. Moving. Just because.

Silence stops all that. Makes us stop.

Suddenly there’s all this room and we’re all alone within its confines. What do you do with it? How do you fill it? The thought that maybe it doesn’t necessarily need to be filled doesn’t hit till later on…

Silence makes time slow down. It makes the world seem strange. Closer than usual. And for once there’s time to look at it. Time to be part of it, not just live in it. Time to do something – again or for the first time. Time to go somewhere once familiar and cherished. Time to go nowhere at all without it feeling like a waste. No guilt. Just space.

Space for oneself.

And space for others…

… that’s why I like the silence…

It makes more room.

Sweet silence

3 thoughts on “Sweet silence

  1. Sacred gift…silence. Wearing its cloak of space. And isn’t it different when words come out of silence versus out of the noisiness of our thoughts? Such a different quality.

    1. It is! I went back to school (university) 18 months ago, and since then silence has been such a rare commodity in my life. Your term “noisiness of thoughts” describes perfectly what my days are filled of now, it seems. With all the text books, theories and research I have to do for classes now there just isn’t any breathing room for my mind to slow down and be quiet. Something I am trying to change.

  2. Silence also gives you time to digest things, words, people. Gives you the space you need to process your thoughts and arrange them whichever way you want.

    And I love your line ‘Time to be a part of it, not just live in it’. Most of us cruise through this world just living in it, rarely ever feeling a part of it.

    Great post!! Good to see your posts again. Your point of views have been missed! 🙂

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