Writing challenge: Starting over

There comes a time when the next step of growth is separation. A time when ties must be severed so that new bonds can be made, and distance is an act of coming home, rather than one of moving away.

In the past I have associated ‘starting over’ with a sense of failure. As if what has gone before did not work, and as such I had to scrap what I was doing to try again. I have used words like ‘uprooted’ and felt literally like a plant torn from the soils that nourished it, adrift, out of my element and with nothing to hold onto or sustain me.

This time around, though, it doesn’t feel like that at all. This time ‘starting over’ bears with it a sense of completion. Of being done with one phase and moving on to the next, like a caterpillar. Or like a flower at its peak, sending out a fragment of itself, containing all the hopes and dreams for continuance, so that life may find a way beyond death.

It is a process imbue with belief. Transition. One promise fulfilled and another one born. A chance to do more. Be more. Extend beyond the initial reach. The best carries over. The sum of all that has been gathered and achieved lives on in new form.

‘Starting over’ then isn’t failure. It is simply the next logical step.

Writing challenge: Starting over

4 thoughts on “Writing challenge: Starting over

  1. It’s the mind, isn’t it, which so often adds judgment to decisions such as “quitting” or “starting over”. Life itself offers no excuses for its behavior. It can leave winter behind in an instant and start again nine months later without any apologies. I have been known to offer every excuse in the book for blogging or not blogging. Am learning to listen to listen to Life’s example more steadfastly. Nice to see you back!

    1. It’s great to be back – and GREAT to see you here still. I am just dying to catch up with your blog again!

      Regarding the unapologetic nature of life, I think you are absolutely right. And wouldn’t it just be the trick if we could learn to emulate that? 18 months ago when I decided that my job wasn’t working out and didn’t provide me with the stability and prospects I needed it to in order to feel it a viable path to follow into the future, I felt like I had to apologise for going back to school. Even though it was and is the smartest choice long term in the bigger perspective. It is amazing how seeking further education actually seems to cause a loss of esteem and social capital to the point where it becomes a decision I felt compromised my earlier accomplishments – a step down the ladder. Going back to school wasn’t easy, and this certainly didn’t make it any easier. I don’t regret my choice. It was and is right. I simply need to get that “no apology” trick down!

  2. That’s an awesome picture. Did you take it? For some reason, I find it quite easy to discard something that isn’t working anymore and start-over once again. Sometimes it makes me feel that I am giving up too soon. But then, the ground reality is right in front of my eyes. I think, people should be concerned about not being able to start all over again. Yes, some can’t. But for people who can and keep their spirits up in the process – 3 cheers! 🙂

    1. Thanks so much for the comment and encouragement! And yes, the photo is my own. I use only my own photos for my blog posts – somehow they are part of the story in a way and add to what I write that way. I agree with you on starting over, it is indeed a great skill to possess, and keeping it in the right perspective makes all the difference.

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