I have never been good at doing things by the book. And as a result, I am leading a life of unexpected paths, no obvious trajectory, and very little long-term security. It isn’t that I am a risk taker or deliberately reckless. It is simply that I am not very good at settling just to be safe and secure.

I make choices that make sense and are true to me. Even if they are not ‘smart’. At nearly 40, I am still waiting to ‘grow up’ – as are many around me, I’m sure. But those who know me best have come to understand that one way or another, I always find a way to make ends meet and things progress. I don’t know if it is a skill as much as it is many years of experience with leaping into new things with little more to guide my choices than “it seemed like a good idea at the time”. Whatever the case, and however controversial, it is a source of constant challenge, wonder, and inspiration to me – much of which you will likely find described in my blog.

Today, that means my ‘trophy cage’ includes, amongst other interesting things, an MA in International Business Communication, certification as a graphic designer, 5 years of having lived abroad, and the rescilience to hold a job which pretty much consists of being asked to perform tasks and run projects I have zero prior experience with yet still somehow manage to get good results on. What’s not to like about that?

I probably should also mention that while I write in English it is not my first language (I am Danish). For those in doubt, Denmark is neither the capital of the Netherlands (they are Dutch), nor part of Sweden or Germany – it is, however, the tiny country that American politicians love to drag into US elections to prove that we either hold the key to overtaxed Utopia, OR that any form of government and market economy not based exclusively on the rich robbing the system blind must by definition be socialist communist, because same difference, right?

If you caught the dripping sarcasm there, you’re spot on *laughs*

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I write because…

blogging isn’t a selfie stick to me. Some times, I have words stuck in my head, and I need to get them out. There is always something more between the lines, and it can be hard to see without having somewhere to let out that inner voice. So, I wax lyrical about my life and write stories. I write about snorkling dogs, and weather reports, and pebbles in a jar and a whole lot of other random things. Because to me thoughts are very much like vegetableswhat if writing about a make-believe cafe in Paris could help me heal, or start over, or deal with unwanted expectations? At the very least, it keeps me honest about myself and my choices.

I also write because I am madly in love with epic tales. And because I love to observe life, watch old men on benches, and storing memories in words, because memories tend to fade, unless we find a way to hold onto them. And I want to remember, when I was part of a gang of garden sheers wielding women sweeping through town in a meticulously planned heist to capture and abduct as much prime autum foliage as possible. And I want to remember a 20-hour spur-of-the-moment bus trip to Slovenia.

The posts linked in this section are some of my own personal favourites, as well as some chosen to give a broad overview of the kind of posts you can expect to find here.

Why that name, “All roads lead to roam”?

The earliest entries on this blog date back to 2004, and though some of the entries here have been imported from other blogs, as I have focused and compiled my writings here, I still struggle to put into words exactly what the name of this blog means to me. So far, the closest I have come is this entry.